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Using the attendance readers

All students studying at University of Hertfordshire campuses must Check-In at all teaching sessions.

If you are studying at a University of Hertfordshire campus you are required to register your attendance at all your teaching sessions. You can do this by swiping your ID card on an electronic Check-In reader in the room at the start of your teaching session. 

How to register your attendance

1. Find a reader

Check-In readers have been placed in teaching rooms throughout the College Lane and de Havilland campuses and in Meridian House and Bayfordbury.

Look for a slim black reader in teaching rooms at about waist height with a sign above it identifying it as a 'Check-In Point'. 

Picture of a check-in reader on campus

Check-in reader faulty or not available?

A small number of teaching rooms may have a faulty check-in reader awaiting repair or may not have been fitted with one yet; in this case please use one of the alternative check-in readers in the following locations:

College Lane:

  • Hutton Hub ground floor
  • Outside D110 Main Building
  • Learning Resources Centre ground floor

De Havilland:

  • The Street (near the LRC)

If you find a check in reader that appears to be faulty, please email with room number and location.

2. Swipe your card

Hold just your card against the reader, a green light will flash. You must take the card out of your purse or wallet.

Please note that you are not able to use your virtual ID card on the check-in readers.

Problems swiping in?

Your student ID card will work on the Check-In system as soon as it has been issued to you. 

  • Should you still experience any problems, please contact the Ask Herts team. 
  • Please click here if you have lost your ID card.

Please note it is not possible for your attendance at on campus sessions to be added at a later time.
You must therefore ensure that your card is working correctly and you are swiping every time you attend classes.

Unable to attend an on-campus teaching session?

If you miss one or two sessions in a two-week period because you are unwell, or unable to make it to campus for another unavoidable reason, please do not worry and there is no need to contact the Helpdesk or AskHerts Team.    Simply start swiping your card when you are next back on campus.

If you have been, or expect to be, absent for more than a two-week period, please inform your tutor as this will impact your engagement record with your studies and your visa compliance if you are an international student.  More information for international students

If you have been unable to engage with your studies due to a health, medical, mental health or disability related reason there is a dedicated team of staff who can offer you advice, guidance and support. Contact our Student Wellbeing team:

Viewing your Check-Ins

You can view your check-ins as part of your My Learning Dashboard on your StudyNet homepage . Select the ‘My Learning’ chart icon to access the dashboard.

Picture of the Classroom attendance section on Learning dashboard showing when you last swiped in

Clicl on the 'View attendance record' link to find the details of all of the times you have swiped in, listed in chronological order.

The number of days since you last physically swiped in on campus is displayed on the My Learning Dashboard in the 'On Campus Classroom Attendance' section. Here you can find the details of all of the times you have swiped in, listed in chronological order, by clicking on the 'Attendance Record' link in this section.

  • For more information about how we are using your learning data to help you make the most of your studies here at the University of Hertfordshire please see My Learning Dashboard
  • If over a two-week period you have not swiped your ID card on any of the campus readers or logged into your Canvas module we will send you a reminder email to use the Check-in system and /or log onto your Canvas modules.
  • If you are an international student you will receive an email if you have not swiped in for two weeks, even if you have logged on to Canvas during that time. More information for international students
  • We will also provide contact details for pastoral support, ID card queries, and the helpdesk for login issues.  
  • To find out more about how you can log engagement in your studies both on campus and online please see: Student Engagement Monitoring.
  • To ensure you receive emails from the University, please visit the Ask Herts page on managing your emails to and from the University.

More information

  • Do take your ID card out of your purse or wallet! (it won't work if you hold up your purse or wallet to the reader).
  • Do not use any other card.
  • Don't agree to swipe for other students.
  • Student Attendance Regulations UPR SA06

Multiple events in the same room

If you have two different events following each other in one room (eg a lecture followed by a seminar), then you need to swipe at the start of each event.

Sticking with your timetable

Credit for attendance may not be given if you attend sessions you are not timetabled to attend, for example, if you swap tutorial groups.

  • If you want to change your timetabled sessions, you must contact your school and request a change.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your wishes but the sooner you make them known, the more likely we can help.  
  • If you wish to discuss any issues arising from your timetable you will need to send an email to the appropriate School contact.  

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The Innovation Centre will be closed from Monday 13th May over the summer period and will re-open around Semester A. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please visit us in the Hutton Hub at the bottom of College Lane campus, or in our De Havilland Hub for any queries.

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